9 December 2005




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1 - IMO Number : 7718644 2 - Name of Ship : APL PANAMA
3 - Call Sign : ZCBN4 4 - Gross Tonnage : 15 145
5 - Type of Ship : Container Ship 6 -Year of Build : 1979
7 - Flag : Bermuda 8 -Status of Ship : In Service
9 -   Registred Owner : CPS Number 4 ltd 10 - Address :
11 - Ship Manager :

Split Ship Management ltd

12 - Address :
P.O. Box 305 
HR-21000 Split  
Boktuljin Put BB
13 - Classification Society : DNV 14 - P&I

15 - Surveyor :   16 - Sollicitor :  
17 - Hull Underwriters :   18 - Cargo Underwriters :  
19 - Others : Salvors : Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd 20 - Others :

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The 9 December 2005, the CP VALOUR grounded near an island of the Azores (Faial). Despite the efforts of the salvors, it was impossible to refloat the vessel, which will be dismantled.






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Date :

April - May - June - July 2006 Source : Lloyds Agency


Ponta Delgada, July 27 - Container Carrier CP Valour: The removal operation of the cargo, containers, is continuing and expected to be completed beginning next week. In the meantime preparations to refloat the vessel are underway. The work on the vessel are being made with the help of tug Battle Axe and barge MEB-JB1. It was reported that a small fire broke out during the welding works being carried out on board CP Valour was been promptly extinguished by Battle Axe. - Lloyd's Agents


Ponta Delgada, Jun 19 - Container Carrier CP Valour remains aground. Operations to remove the cargo (containers) on board the vessel have already commenced. - Lloyd's Agents.


Ponta Delgada, May 31 - Container Carrier CP Valour is still aground in the same position. The removal operations have not yet commenced and it is presently unknown when they are likely to begin. - Lloyd's Agents.


Ponta Delgada, May 11 - Container Carrier CP Valour: Tug Ayton Cross towing a platform named THIESTE arrived at Horta to participate in the removal operations supervised by SvitzerWijsmuller experts. The date for commence the operations still unknown. - Lloyd's Agents.


Ponta Delgada, May 4 - C.c. CP Valour: The operations are now expected to commence at the end of next week after the arrival of several experts and material for the purpose. In the meantime the vessel Jacomina has started removing sands from the vicinities of the casualty. - Lloyd's Agents.


Ponta Delgada, Apr 19 - C.c. CP Valour: Salvage vessel Jacomina arrived at the port of Horta being part of the removal operations under the coordination of SvitzerWijsmuller experts. The operations are expected to commence next week after the necessary preparations. - Lloyd's Agents.


Date :

11 April 2006 Source : Lloyds Agency


Local Maritime Authorities have reported today that for environmental reasons it was decided that c.c. CP Valour will not be dismantled where she is grounded. The intention is to take off all the containers remaining on board and after to put the vessel afloat in order to be towed from the present position. According to information available all these operations have been awarded to the Dutch Salvage Group SvitzerWisjsmuller and the works are expected to commence on the end of April or beginning of May next. - Lloyd's Agents.


Date :

14 January 2006 Source : Lloyds Agency


C.c. CP Valour voyage 080 S, customer information: To shippers and consignees of cargo booked/shipped under Senator Lines Bills of Lading: CP Valour is still aground. The salvors terminated their operations and owners now formally abandoned the vessel. The following customer letter was received today from CP Ships: "Since our announcement on Jan 3 that the initial phase of salvage has ended, adverse conditions continue to damage the ship. Indications from the salvors and our own enquiries suggest that the vessel is not repairable and that prompt removal of the cargo would not be practicable. Furthermore, the salvors have terminated their contractunder Lloyds Open Form on the basis that there is no reasonable prospect of salving either the ship or cargo. As a result of these circumstances, we regret to inform you that we must formally abandon the voyage and therefore cannot deliver your cargo to its intended destination, nor can we guarantee its continued safety while it remains onboard. Tenders will be issued shortly for wreck removal. It will take some time before a contractor is appointed and the removal process gets underway. When it does, we will advise you. You should be aware that since the grounding on Dec 9, some of the cargo has been damaged. And in the time it will take to appoint a wreck removal contractor, further damage is foreseeable. In the interest of safety, we would not recommend that you consider retrieving your cargo by other means."


Date :

2 Januray 2006 Source :

Lloyds Agency


Ponta Delgada, Jan 2 - C.c. CP Valour: All the toxic cargo, fuel and inflammable products have been unloaded from the vessel. Refloating operations have been stopped and the vessel is now reportedly going to be dismantled at the grounding place. All the empty and loaded containers are still stowed on board. According to local authorities, dismantling operations will not be completed before Aug 2006.


Date :

28 December 2005 Source :

Le Monde


Le porte-conteneurs CP Valour transportant des produits considérés dangereux échoué depuis le 9 décembre dernier au large de l'île de Faial dans l'archipel portugais des Açores, va être démantelé sur place, a annoncé un responsable de la marine.

"Il est à présent évident qu'il est impossible de retirer le navire", a déclaré l'Amiral Rodrigues Cabral, responsable du commandement de la zone maritime des Açores à la radio Renascença.

L'armateur travaille actuellement à un plan de retrait du CP Valour, un navire de 18 tonnes et de 180 mètres de long, qui doit passer par son démantèlement.

Le porte-conteneurs avait quitté Montréal au Canada avec 21 membres d'équipage à bord pour rejoindre la ville espagnole de Valence. Il s'est échoué après avoir demandé l'autorisation de jeter l'ancre au large du Faial.

Le navire, qui transportait 1.850 tonnes d'hydrocarbures, ainsi que huit tonnes du produit chimique triphenyl phosphate, six tonnes de peinture et dix-neuf tonnes d'oxydants, a laissé échapper quelque 150 tonnes d'hydrocarbures.

Plusieurs conteneurs ont été retirés par les secours pour faciliter les opérations de sauvetage. Mais malgré plusieurs tentatives pour faire retirer le CP Valour par un navire remorqueur russe, il n'a pas été possible de remettre à flot le porte-conteneurs.

L'opération de démantèlement ne devrait pas être conclue avant juillet ou août 2006, selon M. Rodrigues Cabral.


Date :

30 December 2005 Source :

Lloyds Agency


Ponta Delgada, Dec 30 - C.c. CP Valour: The heavy lift helicopter is still on removing operations of the toxic and inflammable products which remains on board the vessel. Product tanker Magadir is still in scene pumping off the oily products from the vessel. Despite several attempts made to refloat the vessel it has remained immobile. It was reported that due to heavy swells and the hull damage sustained by the vessel it makes it impossible to remove the vessel from the site and that under the present circumstance the vessel will be dismantled where it is. The vessel dismantling operation is intended to commence soonest and probably they will not be completed until August. All the containers remaining stowed on board the vessel which has a present list of 16 degrees to starboard side. Holds and engine-room are reported as flooded. No reports concerning the oil spots extension to other places of the


London, Dec 30 - A press report, dated today, states: Air Force helicopters have removed all toxic materials on board c.c. CP Valour, maritime officials said. The vessel was carrying eight tonnes of triphenyl phosphate, six tonnes of paint and 19 tonnes of oxidants when it got stuck in shallow water in a bay off the northern coast of Faial island on Dec 9. A Portuguese Air Force Puma helicopter removed the last of the 19 tonnes of oxidant sodium persulfate yesterday, officials said. Last week another helicopter removed the other toxic materials from containers on the vessel. Authorities had feared the materials could prove lethal to marine life if they leaked. Last week, a fuel vessel pumped about 550 tonnes of fuel from the grounded vessel's tanks before rough weather forced the operation to stop. There are still some 400 tonnes of fuel remaining.


Date :

Between 9 and 21 December 2005

Source :

Lloyds Agency


Piraeus, Dec 21 - C.c. CP Valour: Salvage operations continue. Tanker Magadir is now on scene and has commenced removing bunkers. A helicopter has begun removing some cargo and empty containers from the vessel and general cargo BBC Canada is due on scene tomorrow to continue the operation to take off the cargo. - Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd.

Ponta Delgada, Dec 18 - C.c. CP Valour: A local dredger is in scene on sand removal works around the casualty. A tanker is underway to the casualty in order to collect the combustibles remaining on board. A multi-purpose cargo vessel is also underway to collect the containers from the vessel. Oil containment booms have been placed around the casualty. It was reported that about 100 cubic meters of oil spilled from the vessel has already been collected ashore. Attempts being made by tug to refloat the vessel.

Ponta Delgada, Dec 16 - C.c. CP Valour still grounded in position at Praia da Faja. No progress yet seen concerning a possible refloating. - Lloyd's Agents.


Piraeus, Dec 16 - C.c. CP Valour: Salvage operations continue. Tanker Magadir is ETA on scene Dec 20 to commence unloading bunkers, while general cargo BBC Canada, presently at Algeciras, is loading equipment and expected to depart Dec 18 for the casualty site, a journey which is expected to take around three to four days. When it arrives it will begin unloading the cargo from on board the CP Valour. - Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd.


Piraeus, Dec 14 - C.c. CP Valour: Salvage operations continue. Two vessels have been dispatched, one to offload cargo and the other to offload bunkers. - Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd.


Ponta Delgada, Dec 14 - C.c. CP Valour is still ground. Attempts to refloat the vessel from the sands being made by tug Fotiy KrylovP assisted by local harbour tug Ilha de Sao Luis. All cargo and crew remaining on board the vessel. Some oil spots arrived already at the beach reported as coming from the vessel. Local Authorities have taken the necessary means to avoid the extension of the spots and to remove the pollution from the beach as well.


London, Dec 13 - A Cesam report, timed 1433, today, states: C.c. CP Valour grounded Dec 9 while of voyage from Montreal to Cadiz, Lisbon, Valencia and Leghorn. A Lloyd's Open Form contract was signed.


Ponta Delgada, Dec 13 - Attempts to refloat c.c. CP Valour are being made by the tugs in scene. It was reported that the vessel has on board about 1,800 tonnes of combustibles (F.O. & MGO) for its consumption and that part of this has been lost into the sea. The local authorities are taking the necessary means to protect the extension of the pollution and to remove the oil which has already reached the coast of the Island.


Ponta Delgada, Dec 12 - C.c. CP Valour is still aground. Tug Fotiy  Krylov assisted by harbour tugs Ilha de Sao Luis and Sao Miguel are on  scene. Attempts to refloat the vessel in course under the present  adverse weather conditions. All 21 crew members remaining on board the  vessel. Oil spots at sea are clearly visible in the vicinity of the vessel. ? Lloyd's Agents.

London, Dec 12 - Understand salvage services are being rendered to c.c. CP Valour, under Lloyd¹s Open Form, by Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd.


Piraeus, Dec 12 - Tug Fotiy Krylov is now on scene with c.c. CP Valour and salvage personnel are already on board the casualty. Local tug Ilha de Sao Luis is also on scene. We are currently awaiting report from salvage master. Tsavliris Salvage(International) Ltd.


Ponta Delgada, Dec 10 - Russian tug Fotiy Krylov is proceeding from Ponta Delgada to the casualty area in order to assist c.c CP Valour, which is still aground at Praia da Faja, north of Fayal. At present the vessel is fully loaded with general cargo in containers and on the starboard side there are signs of oil being found in the vicinities probably coming fro the vessel.


Ponta Delgada, Dec 10 - Understand that c.c. CP Valour has been assisted by local harbour tug Ilha de Sao Luis, but is still aground in the same position, Praia da Faja, about 120 miles from shore at the north coast of Fayal Island. As far as we can understand the situation could be aggravated by the present weather conditions in the area.


Ponta Delgada, Dec 9 - Understand that c.c. CP Valour (15145 gt, built 1979) is aground on the north coast of Fayal Island. Local harbour tug Ilha de Sao Luis is presently under way to to assist the casualty.




The cause of the grounding is under investigation


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