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1 - IMO Number : 7635361 2 - Name of Ship : RIVERDANCE
3 - Call Sign : C6CG3 4 - Gross Tonnage : 6041
5 - Type of Ship : Ro-Ro 6 -Year of Build : 1977
7 - Flag : Bahamas 8 -Status of Ship : In service
9 -   Registred Owner : SEATRUCK NAVIGATION LTD 10 - Address :

Co H and J Corporate Services

Nassau - New Providence

11 - Ship Manager : SEATRUCK FERRIES SHIPHOLDING 12 - Address :

North Quay Port of Heysham

Heysham Harbour


13 - Classification Society : Det Norske Veritas 14 - P&I

15 - Surveyor :   16 - Sollicitor :  
17 - Hull Underwriters :   18 - Cargo Underwriters :  
19 - Others :


Lloyd's Agency


20 - Others :



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Cargo shifted in heavy winds, vessel listing and crew evacuated. Subsequently grounded on North Shore of Blackpool beach.





Agrandir le plan




Date :

From 3 May to 17 June 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


17.06.2008: Dismantling of the vessel is continuing gradually. The bow has now been sliced off and will be cut into pieces and sent away for recycling. Cargo and fuel residues were first to be removed from the vessel in order to ensure no environmental problems were caused. The whole task is expected to continue for some time yet.


13.06.2008: Rapid progress being made to cut the vessel up. Parts of the stern and bow section are being removed from Anchorsholme beach.


02.06.2008: All the cargo has now been successfully removed from the grounded vessel. Removing the vessel’s ballast tanks from the sands will now begin. A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman said: “Very good progress has been achieved to date and the overall project remains on schedule. Over the next few days the outline of the vessel to the observer ashore will change. The stern section and the bow section along with the port side ballast tanks will start to disappear and reduce the overall outline of the vessel considerably. Work will continue inside the vessel cleaning and clearing the engine.” Progress has been made, and a large section of the rear of the vessel was cut away before the last Bank Holiday weekend but salvage experts have expressed that the work is continuing slowly due to poor tidal conditions. The spring tides are expected to allow salvors longer each day to carry out demolition work.


21.05.2008. Reported that the demolition of the vessel Riverdance was halted this weekend (May 17-18) after a fire broke out on board. The fire crews reported trailers were alight, and that flames were spreading to other parts of the boat. Fire crews returned to the vessel when the tide went out on Sunday to make sure the blaze had subsided, and demolition works have subsequently restarted.


17.05.2008: Demolition workers working on the stricken vessel Riverdance were evacuated after fire broke out. The blaze began at about 0420, BST, in a tractor unit of a lorry in the hold the vessel, which ran aground in January, it is believed that a freak wave caused the vessel to run aground. Many firefighters tackled the blaze but operations had to cease due to tidal conditions. The ship, which is on its side and has sunk into the sand, is being taken apart. A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “No persons are reported to be injured and all workmen on the vessel were evacuated. The tide is now rising and the firemen have withdrawn to the promenade.” Fire crews from surrounding areas are present at the site of the stricken vessel, and it is hoped the blaze will burn itself out. The cause of the blaze has not currently been identified.


Date :

From 28 February to 17 May 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List

02.05.2008: Preparatory work for the dismantling of Riverdance has begun, with the operation expecting to take between 12 and 14 weeks. Once cut into pieces, the sections will be transported away on lorries for recycling.


29.04.2008: Work has been secured by Hancock's Contractors to cut up the vessel. Their first aim will be to clear the remaining pieces of cargo before ensuring that any final residues of oil are removed. The will then look to start dismantling the upper decks of the vessel. The last section to be cut up will be the hull.


17.04.2008: Hancock's contractors have been hired to dismantle the Riverdance and will commence breaking the vessel up on 24th April on Blackpool Beach. Vessel is buried in the sand, on its side at an angle of 100 degrees. The dismantled material will be transported to European Metal Recycling in Liverpool. Work expected to take between 10 - 12 weeks with 24 hour security maintained around the site. It is predicted there will be little disruption to residents.


10.04.2008: It is understood that after a lengthy evaluation process, the owner of Roll On Roll Off Riverdance, now lying on Blackpool beach, has produced plans to dismantle the ship “in situ” on the grounds that this represents the best option available in the interests of safety and protecting the environment. Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP), has been involved throughout and has informed the owner that he has no objection to the plans. This will take approximately 12-14 weeks.


26.03.2008: Understand from reports that vessel has been declared a constructive total loss. Salvage will still hope to refloat her in the near future. Tony Redding, of Seatruck Ferries, said, “Riverdance is a constructive loss and will never return to service... She suffered very significant damage during the last bout of bad weather. The intention is still to remove her in one piece and new proposals are being prepared about the salvage operation. By the end of next week the situation should be clarified as to what is going to happen next.”



Understand that new plans for the removal of the casualty are to be considered next week. These plans may still include righting the vessel, despite recently abandoned attempts. It appears that the vessel is now sinking into soft sand on the beach in Blackpool. It is reported that plans to reduce the list using internal buoyancy and tidal effects have been abandoned. A revised plan outlining ways to remove the vessel will now be considered by SOSREP, Hugh Shaw next week.


17.03.2008: An MCA Press Release states:


"Late Tuesday (Mar 11) and early yesterday morning the stranded roll on roll off Riverdance was hit by 78-knot winds and, as a consequence, sustained heavy damage, resulting in a 100-deg list." Understand that salvors are assessing the situation and are discussing options with the owners and insurers of the vessel.

A revised plan detailing options for the removal of the vessel will be presented to SOSREP next week. Hugh Shaw (SOSREP) said: “The owner’s legal representatives have also had a preliminary discussion with him and have given their reassurance that their objective of removing the vessel in an environmentally friendly and timely manner remains paramount. I look forward to receiving a revised outline plan with options early next week for my consideration. In the interim the salvors will make every effort to maintain the integrity of the vessel. A full assessment of the damage is still ongoing. Fortunately, and as a consequence of the earlier bunker removal, there have been no reports of pollution from the vessel.”


13.03.2008:A trench has been dug alongside the beached Ro\Ro Riverdance in an effort to right the ship. Containers have also been welded to the port side of the ship to assist in the righting operation. It is reported that Coastguard officials believe the salvage operation is going well.



Unfavourable weather conditions continue hinder the efforts to salve the Riverdance. Salvors hope to refloat the vessel on or around 13th March when it is thought the conditions and tides will have improved


Date :

From 6 to 27 February 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


London, Feb 27 — A press report, dated Feb 26, states: Powerful tides are hampering the efforts of crews trying to refloat Roll On Roll Off Riverdance. The stricken vessel is now completely on its side on Blackpool beach and coastguards say the damage to the side plates of the vessel will need to be assessed before its fate can be decided. It had been hoped to refloat the vessel, but repeated poor weather and strong tides have, so far, made it impossible. “Because of the position, we are encountering a lot of debris on the lower deck so we need to look at the damage this has caused before a decision about refloating can be made. We are still working to weld and repair structural damage.” Salvors had planned to attempt to get the vessel back into an upright position this week but high tides in daylight hours have knocked away supports holding the vessel up. Water also seeped in through a door, hampering plans to keep the vessel sealed although this has now been welded shut. No timescale has been set for attempts to refloat the vessel and the spokesman said it would be “impossible to say” when it might take place. (See issue of Feb 26.)

London, Feb 22 — A Maritime and Coastguard Agency press release, dated today, states: Recent severe weather conditions of gale force 8 winds, combined with the highest tides of the month, have further reduced the stability of the grounded Roll On Roll Off Riverdance on the north shore at Blackpool. The vessel is currently listing 85 degrees, which has caused cargo lashings to come off, allowing trailers to shift within the vessel. The appointed salvors are currently re-evaluating the condition of the vessel and continue to work to improve the stability of the vessel. Due to the poor weather conditions this weekend and the recent deterioration of the vessel’s stability, there are no immediate plans for refloating Riverdance. The salvage control unit, chaired by Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of States Representative in Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP) continues to work with the salvors throughout this operation. Further cargo material has washed out of the vessel during the poor weather and contractors continue to clean up the surrounding beach. Additional security staff remain in place to cover the low water periods supported by HM Coastguard personnel and vehicles when the vessel presents dangers to onlookers who stray too close to the site. (See issue of Feb 22.)

London, Feb 21 - A press report, dated today, states: Salvage experts are preparing the stricken Roll On Roll Off Riverdance to be refloated. Crews working on the 6,000-ton vessel, which is beached off the coast just south of Cleveleys, are still hopeful the vessel can be refloated and have been making it watertight ahead of an attempt to halt its alarming list. Work to drain 100 tonnes of intermediate fuel oil and 50 tonnes of diesel from engines on board the vessel has now been completed. The next step of the salvage mission, which could take place this weekend (Feb 23/24), will see water moved from one side of the vessel to another in an attempt to return it to an “upright” position. Tony Redding, spokesman for the Riverdance’s operator Seatruck Ferries said: “A lot of the work going on inside the ship has been amounting to correcting the list. “The vents have been sealed by welding metal plates over them. Work will then take place to rig all the pump gear.” “The list will be reduced by pumping water from the ballast tanks on the starboard side to the port side, which is currently face up.” John Matthews, head of the Fleetwood Nautical Campus of Blackpool and The Fylde College, said the ability to distribute the water between tanks on opposing sides of the ferry will aid the operation. He said: “They have done the first thing they needed to do by getting rid of the oil and fuel. “The ship will have double ballast tanks, which are divided down the bottom. “They will fill the high-sided tank, which should mean she will list back over because the weight is in one side.” Once the list of the vessel is corrected, which may take days, then the Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP) will board the ferry with salvors to inspect the interior. The vessel will eventually be removed from the Fylde coastline by tugs pulling it out to sea.

London, Feb 18 - Following press release received from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA): Roll On Roll Off Riverdance remains firmly aground on the North Shore at Blackpool. The vessel is still in a precarious position. Currently the vessel is maintaining a significant list to starboard. The main cargo deck, lower hold, engine-room and steering gear room are currently interconnected and therefore flood with the tide and the watertight integrity of the hull is subject to further investigation by salvors. The salvage control unit, chaired by Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of States Representative in Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP) recently reported that over the past weekend all bunker fuels have been successfully removed from the most vulnerable tanks. Operations will now concentrate on stabilising the vessel by making the hull watertight and transferring water ballast to reduce the list. The severe list has made the access to the double bottom tanks much easier and safer than before. Work continues on the further removal of a number of trailers from the main deck, but efforts are being hampered by the tide levels at low water which is restricting the safe working time on scene. The Environment Group continues to monitor and risk assess the situation and are satisfied with the progress being made to date. Additional security staff remain in place to cover the “low water” periods supported by HM Coastguard personnel and vehicles when the vessel presents dangers to onlookers who stray too close the site. An outline traffic management plan is being discussed between Lancashire Police and the local authorities for the refloating operation which, due to ongoing work on board the vessel, will not take place for at least the next two weeks. A number of road closures and restrictions will be put in place at that time and the plan will be implemented for the period covering the refloat.

London, Feb 17 - A press report, dated today, states: The salvage of roll on roll off Riverdance, which is stranded on north shore, near Blackpool, made steady progress yesterday. A crane and other equipment will arrive from York tomorrow. An aerial surveillance flight was carried out by the MCA counter pollution aircraft this afternoon and was able to confirm that the vessel remains in position on the sands and that there is no pollution. The plan will now be to lift equipment onto the vessel and then begin work on stabilising it and lessening its list, in order that a safe working platform can be made.

London, Feb 15 - A press report, dated today, states: Ninety tons of fuel have been removed from stranded Roll On Roll Off Riverdance over the last few days, it has been revealed. The vessel is still listing heavily on Anchorsholme Beach while the operation to remove all the fuel continues. The specialist salvage team involved have removed 69 tonnes of intermediate fuel and 21 tonnes of maritime diesel fuel since the operation began earlier this week. But the vessel is not empty yet and the work is expected to continue until at least Saturday (Feb 16). Fred Kaygill, of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, said: “The process to remove the oil, known as hot-tapping, is being carried out to avoid any oil pollution to the environment around the vessel. “This operation has proved a huge success and no oil has been spilt during the work, which will soon be completed. “Once the fuel has been removed then the business of righting the vessel will begin. “Security remains critical during this time and we are appealing to local people to keep clear and respect the safety cordon around the vessel.” It is hoped vessel can be finally refloated when a high tide is due at the end of this month.

Liverpool, Feb 14 - Roll on roll off Riverdance is still aground. The vessel’s deck cargo has been taken off, and the fuel oil has been pumped out of the vessel. Refloating operations are expected to take place on a high tide expected in the next two weeks. - Lloyd’s Agents.

London, Feb 11 — A press release from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, dated today, states: Progress has continued today on Roll On Roll Off Riverdance, currently beached at Cleveleys near Blackpool as equipment arrived to monitor and remove oil from the vessel. Equipment was in place yesterday to begin “hot tapping” oil from the vessel’s fuel tanks, and work began this morning to initiate the operation, which involves a controlled drilling into the vessel’s hull, discharge of the oil into a portable tanker, and then transfer of the oil to a road tanker where it will be safely disposed of. This process is expected to last approximately five days. Equipment was also brought on scene to allow salvors to monitor the vessel and gain further insight into any structural damage the vessel may have sustained and any consequent ingress of water. Salvors are making temporary repairs to damage to the vessel’s hull, which should stem the ingress of water and improve attempts to stabilise the vessel. The vessel is currently moving slightly on the tides and is listing at approximately 60 degrees, and the monitoring equipment placed around the vessel’s hull will provide more information on the vessel’s stability and allow salvors to amend plans appropriately. Currently the salvage plan is to safely remove the vessel’s fuel oil, stabilise the vessel and control its list and then begin the refloating operation. Due to the vessel’s list this is proving extremely difficult and dangerous for salvors as some areas are difficult to access, but progress is being made and the removal of the fuel oil from the vessel has already begun. Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Intervention and Salvage (SOSREP) Hugh Shaw said: “I am happy with the progress of the operation to remove fuel oil from the Riverdance. On completion, the next phase will be to stabilise and refloat the stricken vessel. An exclusion zone is still in place around the vessel.

London, Feb 11 - A press report, dated Feb 8, states: Roll On Roll Off Riverdance is to remain in its current position for at least the next two weeks. Salvage teams are preparing to load water filled ballast containers onto the boat in a bid to stabilise it. Further equipment has been loaded on to the vessel by a crawler crane today and the ballast will be used to alter the boat’s position in order to correct its 70 degree list. A Maritime and Coastguard spokesman said: “All trucks and containers have now been cleared from the upper deck which presented the main risk of debris spilling onto the sand or into the sea. Pumping equipment to clear water has also been placed within the vessel. There is no possibility of her being refloated this weekend and we are looking at the next high tide, which is in two weeks.” A small amount of oil leaked from the hull yesterday but fears of major pollution were lessened after Maritime and Coastguard officials confirmed marine diesel oil tanks within the hull, which contain tonnes of oil, remained intact. Meanwhile, police have advised anyone who has picked up debris from the shore to hand it into them. The warning comes after a looter placed a lifebelt from Riverdance on eBay. The online auction site removed the item from sale after a complaint from Blackpool police. Officers say they are looking to arrest the scavenger.


Date :

5 & 6 February 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


London, Feb 6 — Following received from Maritime & Coastguard Agency, dated today: Salvors made good progress with plans for the removal of Roll On Roll Off Riverdance from the beach at Cleveleys, near Blackpool, yesterday. A crane arrived on site and began using it to lift equipment on board the vessel. Some more cargo, including wood and scrap metal, fell from the vessel throughout the day and contractors are collecting it as it arrives on the beach. Some of the metal may travel some way along the beach and members of the public are advised to take care while on the beach, as it may be sharp. Coastguard, Police and security officers were on scene all day, ensuring that the exclusion zone which is in place is not breached. Members of the public are reminded that should they breach the zone they could be liable to prosecution and a £50,000 fine. This is for their own safety. Today a school girl had to be assisted away from the area after becoming caught in the varying sand conditions near the working site. (See issue of Feb 6.) London, Feb 5 - A Marine Accident Investigation Branch press release, dated today, states: MAIB Inspectors are conducting a preliminary examination of the accident involving Roll On Roll Off Riverdance in heavy seas off Blackpool on Jan 31. Non-essential crew members and four passengers were flown to safety from the listing vessel. The master and remaining eight crew members were safely removed from the vessel after it ran aground on the north shore of Blackpool beach. London, Feb 5 - A Maritime & Coastguard Agency press release, dated Feb 4, states: The salvage of Roll On Roll Off Riverdance, which is stranded on the north shore, near Blackpool, has made steady progress today. A crane and other equipment will arrive from York tomorrow. An aerial surveillance flight was carried out by the MCA counter-pollution aircraft this afternoon and was able to confirm that the vessel remains in position on the sands and that there is no pollution. The plan will now be to lift equipment onto the vessel and then begin work on stabilising it and lessening its list in order that a safe working platform can be made. Fuel oils will then be removed in order to prepare the vessel for its removal from the beach. Members of the public are requested to stay outside the exclusion zone placed around the vessel for their own safety. There is a zone of 400 metres around the vessel and those who cross into it may by liable to prosecution and a hefty fine.


Date :

4 February 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


SALVORS Smit deployed an 11-strong team last week after Seatruck Ferries signed a Lloyd’s Open Form salvage contract for its ferry Riverdance, which went aground on the foreshore at Blackpool after losing its main propulsion when hit by a freak wave, writes Sandra Speares. The Riverdance, pictured above, was at one point listing to 60° after vehicles shifted while the ferry was on a voyage from Warren Point to Heysham. Swift action by the crew reduced the list to 20°, after which non-essential crew and four passengers were winched from the vessel. The ferry was carrying a cargo of scrap metal, timber and peat compost and a spokesman for the company confirmed that there were no hazardous or noxious substances aboard, although at least one truck was lost overboard. RNLI lifeboats from Fleetwood and Lytham St Annes launched to the assistance of the ferry in force 10 winds and treacherous sea conditions to rescue passengers and crew from the ship. AP

Date :

4 February 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


A SALVAGE expert says that it may be a week before the Riverdance, grounded on the sands off Blackpool, is moved. In the meantime, according to the BBC, salvors are hoping to reduce its 60-degree list by pumping water into the empty ballast tanks and removing the fuel from the ferry’s tanks. In the BBC report, Hugh Shaw, the Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention, said bad weather had hampered the recovery operation over the weekend. He said: "I think the weather has been unkind from the start of the operation - I don’t think we’re going to see a break for the next few days." He said he thought it would be a week, rather than a few days, before the Riverdance, which is owned by Seatruck Ferries, could be moved. But he said it was hoped a system of pipes could be set up today to pump water into the ballast tanks. "The priority is still to get the fuel oil out from the bunker tanks," he added. According to Mr Shaw, a salvage team winched aboard the ferry on Saturday reported that the vessel was "intact". They returned yesteday and managed to "do a little bit more work". An exclusion zone of 400m is in place around the ferry and part of the esplanade is closed. The Riverdance, operated by Seatruck Ferries, was on route from Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland to Heysham in Lancashire when it was hit by a freak wave and grounded. All passengers and crew on the ro-ro ferry have been evacuated.

Date :

1st February 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


SEATRUCK Ferries has signed a Lloyd’s Open Form salvage contract with Dutch salvors Smit for the ferry Riverdance which is currently aground on the foreshore at Blackpool. According to a spokeswoman for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the plan is to get a surveyor on to the vessel to assess interior damage and to obtain a visual assessment of the vessel’s hull. Once an assessment has been made Smit will be preparing a salvage plan to attempt to refloat the vessel. Smit has deployed a 11 strong team to the site. According to the MCA the ferry is carrying a cargo of scrap metal, timber and peat compost and there was no hazardous cargo on the ship. At least one truck has however been lost overboard Efforts to refloat the grounded Bahamas-flagged 6,041 gt ro-ro ship under its own power have failed, according to the MCA. The nine crew, who had been left onboard to stabilise the ship, have been evacuated from the ship by a Royal Air Force helicopter. All its passengers and non-essential crew had been airlifted off the vessel earlier on. The Riverdance, operated by Seatruck Ferries, is grounded on the foreshore at Blackpool. It was on route from Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland to Heysham in Lancashire. It transmitted a mayday message, received by the Liverpool Coastguard, when it started listing after cargo shifted on board. According to an MCA statement issued at 04.31 hrs GMT today, there were very strong winds on scene. The MCA also said that salvage operations were likely to commence today. The Secretary of States Representative for Salvage is monitoring the situation and is currently in contact with the owners of the vessel to agree on plans for refloating the vessel. There is no reported oil pollution from the vessel. In another incident, crew members from the UK flag fishing vessel Spinning Dale were winched to safety by helicopter after the vessel ran aground on rocks at Village Bay, St Kilda. The Stornaway Coastguard was alerted in the early hours of this morning when the 14 Spanish crew members were unable to evacuate to a liferaft in Force 9 winds. Stornoway RNLI lifeboat was also heading to the scene, with rescue operations hampered by 50 knot winds, according to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. Another Spanish crewed fishing vessel Celtic Sea stood by to assist during the operation. There are no reported injuries to the crew. Meanwhile, StatoilHydro shut down two North Sea gas and condensate fields , the Huldra and Kristin fields, yesterday due to the weather conditions. ConocoPhilips also began closing down the Eldfisk Alpha, Ekldfisk Bravo and Embla fields as well as the Ekofisk Alpha and Ekofisk Bravo platforms early this morning.


Date :

31 January 2008 Source :

Lloyd's List


A SEATRUCK Ferries operated ro-ro ferry is listing at 40 degrees in the Irish Sea after it was hit by strong waves during bad weather. The 6,041gt Bahamas-flagged Riverdance (built 1977) got into difficulty off Fleetwood, Lancashire and began to list when its cargo shifted. Operations are underway to rescue passengers and crew from the vessel after Liverpool coastguard received a mayday call at 1957 local time. Royal Navy and RAF Sea King helicopters are also involved in the rescue. Tony Redding, a spokesman for Seatruck Ferries, was quoted by the BBC as saying ship’s master had ordered the evacuation as a precautionary measure.





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