30 January 2007




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1 - IMO Number : 2 - Name of Ship : WILLEM VAN DER ZWAN
3 - Call Sign : PCII 4 - Gross Tonnage : 9375
5 - Type of Ship : Trawlers, Hektrawler 6 -Year of Build : 1999
7 - Flag : 8 -Status of Ship :
9 -   Registred Owner : W. van der Zwan & Zn. B.V 10 - Address :


Hellingweg 5 P.O. Box 82024 2508 EA Den Haag The Netherlands


11 - Ship Manager :

AZ Ocean Pelagic Fisheries bv, Scheveningen

12 - Address :



13 - Classification Society : 14 - P&I

15 - Surveyor :   16 - Sollicitor :  
17 - Hull Underwriters :   18 - Cargo Underwriters :  
19 - Others :


Lloyd's Agency


20 - Others :

SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V., as salvors


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The 30 January, whilst being repaired at Velserkade, near Ymuidenin the trawler WILLEM VAN DER ZWAN was damaged by fire. Despite the efforts of the fire departments and the salvors, the vessel was completely destroyed and had to be considered as total lost.




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Date :

From 12 to 20 August 2007 Source :

Lloyd's List


Maassluis, Jun 6 - Understand scrapping of fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan is expected to be completed within half a year. - Lloyd's Sub-agents. Kiel, May 27 - The fire damaged fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan departed May 24 to Dordrecht prior to being scrapped there. - Correspondent. Maassluis,


May 24 - Today it was announced that fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan will be towed to Dordrecht. She has just left the port of Amsterdam, accompanied by the tug Arion and is expected to arrive later this evening at the Van der Wees terminal at Dordrecht, where she will be demolished. - Lloyd’s Sub-agents. Maassluis,


May 22 - Fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan has been towed out of dock 3 of Shipdock Amsterdam. The vessel has been announced to be a total loss. Expectancies are that the vessel will be demolished. This is however not sure. - Lloyd’s Sub-agents Kiel,


May 21 - Fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan was towed out of dock 3 of the Shipdock Amsterdam to Berht 1 by the tugs Friesland and Argus. The vessel is still not repaired and its future so far uncertain. - Correspondent. Kiel,


May 16 - The fire damaged fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan was towed into a drydock in the morning of Mar 15. - Correspondent.


London, Feb 2 - Information received, dated Kiel today, states: In the afternoon (? yesterday) the fire departments of Velzen en Beverwijk declared that the fire on board fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan was under control. The night before the accommodation and the ship's bridge caught fire and were destroyed completely. The ship's list to port is 12 degrees. After several attempts of the fire departments to control the ferocious fire, SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage was requested to take charge. Pumping out the water will start as soon as samples have been tested to prevent pollution. There had been fears the vessel might capsize and block the basin. An intentional sinking at the berth to extinguish the flames proved impossible as the water was not deep enough.


London, Feb 1 - Understand salvage services are being rendered to fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan by SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage BV under Lloyd's Open Form.


London, Feb 1 - Understand the fire on board fishing (general) Willem Van der Zwan is still burning. At midnight is was decided by the authorities to let the ship burn out under control and the hatches have been opened to locate the "firesides." An oil boom has been laid around the vessel. The 45 people who live in the neighbourhood of the burning vessel on houseboats and in industrial houses having to stay elswhere, some in hotels. Also 140 industrial companies in the area are still closed of which some companies claim they are making losses of Euro 20,000 an hour, not being able to work. In the meantime the motorway A 9 has been opened again for the traffic, but the road N 246 is still closed for all traffic.








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Hull :

USD 36 000 000 Cargo : USD
Liability :


Fees : TBA
Others : TBA    

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Willis Marine Market Review








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